Is GraphSense approved by Google Adsense?
- No.

Can I become banned from Adsense by GraphSense?
- Probably, you can get banned from Adsense for anything.

Can Google notice  that I'm using GraphSense??
- Not really. GraphSense doesnt do anything that doesnt emulate the browser's normal behavior.

What data does GraphSense store?
- We temporarily store the data that the CSV-file contains togheter with your IP and a session-ID. When your 
session is over (or you press the kill session-link) all data is immediatly removed from our servers.

Can GraphSense see my Adsense login credentials?
- No, our software only sends the data your are currently looking at in the adsense report when the plugin
is activated. There is no way we can intercept the login or password you are using to login at Google Adsense.

Does GraphSense save my data for later use?
- No, please see the privacy policy for further information.